Software development is the key to success in the future of energy storage systems. VUDU MAGIC® was created to encompass and monitor all energy sources, renewable as well as grid tied. MAGIC® will then process the acquired data allocating the proper uses at the appropriate time. VUDU MAGIC® is a GAME CHANGER for the energy sector.


VUDU has developed the most advanced energies software for use in both residential and commercial applications. VUDU MAGIC software
will monitor the applications power usage and trends. VUDU MAGIC software will allocate the appropriate energy source input to the proper part of the system at the appropriate time. VUDU MAGIC software will work with all renewable energy components such as wind, solar, or hydropower. VUDU MAGIC will work with all inverters, battery storage systems, and charging systems.

VUDU MAGIC is a game changer in the renewable energies sector as it is the very first software to manage and monitor hybrid grid-tied and
off grid systems!!


VUDU does license its software to leading companies in the energies sector. Some of these companies include; solar companies Worldwide,
LG, Panasonic, Tesla, renewable energies contractors Worldwide, etc…

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