VUDU Energy is the leading distributor in the United States for the most advanced battery systems in production today. Specializing in a drop in replacement option to outdated and hazardous lead-acid batteries, VUDU Energy changes the game when it comes to energy storage systems of all sizes.


Featuring a full line of drop-in replacement advanced lithium iron phosphate batteries, VUDU will inventory an average of at least 22 different models. VUDUs’ advanced lithium-ion technology comes in all standard group sizes that are currently sold around the World in various applications. VUDU Energy will also custom engineer and design power sources for any application. Some of the fields we now sell into are; Military, Telecommunications, RV, Marine, OEM Manufacturers, Golf Carts, Mobility Devices, Aviation, Solar Companies, etc…

VUDU advanced lithium battery technology is patent protected and is currently being sold in over 80 countries Worldwide. This battery technology has multiple benefits to offer above traditional and outdated lead-acid batteries. Some of those benefits include; TEN TIMES LIFE, 70% Less Weight, a 60% faster recharge time, maintenance free, 100% DOD, green alternative to hazardous lead acid, higher consistent voltage with no drop or lag, no memory, and are the safest batteries available in the market today.


VUDU’s advanced lithium technologies are distributed on multiple fronts. These distribution channels vary from battery distributors to market specific distributors such as marine supply wholesalers, golf cart manufacturers and distributors, solar companies, and anything in between. VUDU will also distribute this technology to OEM manufacturers of all types and applications.

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