The All-New Vudu Energy Battery

The ultimate Golf Cart & LSV Battery Solution.

Rated To 5000 Cycles

1/3 Recharge Time

Maintenance Free

Engineered for any Golf Cart.

Vudu’s new InSight Series is the first LiFePO4 drop-in replacement battery, that comes in industry-standard sizes. They’re both modular and scalable and come in 36-Volt and 48-Volt configurations. Easily connect multiple batteries in parallel to get the power and capacity you need. Connect two 48-Volt InSight Series batteries in parallel for moderate duty applications or connect up to eight 48-Volt batteries in parallel to increase the available capacity for longer runtime. No additional hardware needed, just connect and go!

Smarter is Here.

Designed from the ground up around a state-of-the-art battery management system (BMS), RELiON’s InSight Series™ LiFePO4 batteries include all the features that make lithium batteries a superb choice, but with unmatched built-in intelligent features included.

Game-Changing Technology

The InSight Series™ is the first drop-in replacement battery that provides more life, power, and energy without any fuss. It’s intelligent features and design make the InSight battery easy to install and easy to maintain. Go further, run longer and get ample power you need with InSight batteries.

128 Parallel Connections

• Intelligent battery-to-battery balancing
• Additive continuous and peak currents
• No additional hardware needed

Unique BMS Design

• Microcontroller-based design
• Innovative protection algorithms
• MOSFET-based for ultra-fast response times
• High-resolution internal measurements
• Ultra-low self-consumption
• Non-volatile historical data
• CANbus communication

Heatsink Design

• Strategically located
• Unique passive cooling
• Prevents over-heating of critical components


RELiON’s InSight batteries are based on proven BMS technology, with hundreds of thousands of systems already in the field in demanding applications, such as aviation and robotics. That means InSight batteries are proven to deliver leading-edge performance and reliability. Since they’re based on stable LiFePO4 chemistry, they’re also safe and have a long life.


RELiON InSight Series SuperSmart BMS, the most critical component in the battery, maximizes performance, even when connected in parallel, eliminating the need for an external master BMS, or any additional hardware.


The innovative algorithms in the SuperSmart BMS ensures precise balancing. This optimizes performance in each battery when multiple batteries are connected in parallel, providing maximum capacity and life.


Unlike other lithium batteries that can trap heat, the InSight Series uses a carefully engineered passive heat management system to quickly remove heat from inside the battery during conditions of high discharge and recharge currents. This prevents over-heating of critical components, which also extends the life of the battery.

Vudu Promises



VuDu® replacement Lithium Ion Batteries have been in production and sold to commercial and consumer markets for nearly ten years.



VuDu® also takes great pride in understanding your concerns and demands. Please let us know how we are doing. Any suggestions or comments about our products are highly appreciated.


Customer Service

We are available seven days a week, late hours, and even most holidays to support our worldwide client base. Most calls will always be answered by a live VuDu® representative who is knowledgeable and friendly. If your request is not responded to right away, we will return your call promptly in the order we receive it.



VuDu® products are being used in hundreds of applications like Electric Vehicles, RV's, Boats, Cars, Robotics, Telecommunications, Military, Industrial, and Recreational equipment. Our track record of reliability, consistency, and quality is why we are the leading supplier of drop-in replacement lithium-ion batteries worldwide.

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