Aims 7000 Watt 48V 120VAC Industrial Grade PWRIG700048W


7000 Watt 48V 120VAC Industrial Grade PWRIG700048W


The Aims PWRIG700048W 48 Volt 120VAC Industrial Grade Modified Sine Wave DC to AC power inverter promises to be a complete solution for any power need you present. From recreation to industrial applications and backup/emergency power needs, this 7,000 watt modified sine wave inverter delivers enough durable power for high end equipment that requires substantial electricity. This digitally outputted and phase corrected inverter is the recommended power solution for clean, reliable output without noise or distortion. Delivering an incredible 7,000 watts of continuous power, this utility-grade inverter was designed to reproduce the quality of electricity provided by power companies to create a stable AC power source. This inverter supplies ample power to run large pumps, compressors, power tools, multiple appliances, job sites and even a small house! It has PWM programming which corrects any fluctuation in voltage or frequency caused by battery fluctuation or sudden surges in power usage. It also has a longer than average surge time (9 seconds when over 7,000 watts).


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