6 Pack of Aims 250 Watt Micro Grid Inverters Package PIGRIG2506T


Micro Grid Inverters Package PIGRIG2506T


AC Output Specifications: Rated output current: 1.04A, Rated output power: 250 Watts, Frequency: +/- 0.1 Hz, Nominal frequency/range (Hz): 60/57-60.5, Nominal output voltage/range (V): 240/211-264, Power factor: >0.99, Output current harmonic distortion: <3%, Maximum output overcurrent protection (A): 20, Maximum Units per 20A Branch: 14, Maximum output fault current (ac) and duration: 66.67 Apk, 2.13 ms of duration, 11.22 Arms, Trip limit and trip time accuracy : Voltage: +/- 1%, Alternate Trip Time +/- 50 ms. DC Input Specifications: MPPT voltage range (V): 27-48, Recommended PV module power (STC) range: 200-310 Watts, Operating voltage range: 16-60 Volts, Maximum input current: 10A, Maximum input voltage: 60 Volts, Maximum input source back feed current to input source: -36A.


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