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Vudu energy is changing the game! Our 12, 24, and 48 Volt Lithium Solar Batteries come with a TEN YEAR WARRANTY and are suitable for any Solar application from Industrial micro grids to home emergency energy storage. Every VUDU Solar Battery comes with a built in BATTERY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (BMS) that will protect the battery from over voltage and from under voltage making them Plug and Play for any Solar application. Our patented BMS will also maintain and balance the cells to provide you with maximum capacity during every cycle.

Most alternative home energy systems, including solar and wind systems, are dependent upon home battery backup to store the energy accumulated from these alternative power generating energy sources.

Featuring 100% DOD our Lithium Ion Batteries allow you to safely drain 100% of the usable rated capacity. This means you can expect a 20-40% longer run time compared to lead acid/AGM battery technology.

solar battery bank

A Lithium ion home battery backup system the Vudu Home Energy Storage Station is considered to be the best option for storing the energy of the sun, wind, or any form of power generation. Our advanced lithium technology is available for consumer or industrial use.

Vudu Energy Solar Batteries are made using (LiFePo4) Lithium Iron Phosphate Technology, known for its inherent safety and long cycle life. This chemistry is safe and reliable to use in your home. Our Lithium Batteries have a reputation of delivering over 5000 complete life cycles! Along with being 70% lighter than lead and having a TEN YEAR WARRANTY, it makes sense to buy a lithium ion battery from VUDU for your application today!

LITHIUM-ion Benefits


Want to cut your batteries charge time by 60%? Want to go further with each charge? Getting to the next place from another is simple when you’re using VuDu® wheelchair and mobility scooter batteries.


Performance is what we do best! Our lightweight lithium iron phosphate technology delivers entirely consistent voltage giving you an engine start that you will not believe until you hear for yourself.


VuDu® Energy® is a worldwide manufacturer and distributor of the most advanced generation of Lithium Ion Phosphate Batteries.


VuDu® Energy is changing the game! Our 12V Lithium Marine Batteries come with a TEN YEAR WARRANTY and are suitable for any Marine application from luxury yachts and sailboats to bass boats and kayaks.


The VuDu® built in battery management system is marine grade for maximum strength and reliability. Designed to handle Heavy Duty High Amp Loads our advanced BMS allows customers to use 100% of the rated capacity while maintaining maximum performance and life expectancy of the battery.


VuDu® Energy is changing the game! Our 12V Lithium RV Batteries come with a TEN YEAR WARRANTY and are suitable for any RV application from luxury motor coaches to travel trailers.